Mosaics, murals and sculpture 

Participatory public artwork in concrete, glass, ceramic, paint and tile

Portland artist Lynn Takata creates participatory public artwork.  She works with the community in partnership with public agencies to enhance public spaces, whether a school, a park, or a wall in the neighborhood.  Beautiful, meaningful and technically sound projects are created that become community landmarks.

Participatory public artwork is a catalyst for introducing people to their neighbors, for encouraging families to work together, and for involving a community in creating special environments— tangible positive symbols of community pride. 

Projects can inspire, educate and create gathering spaces. The possibilities for projects are endless and can begin with a simple idea or an attempt to solve a problem. Murals can be created in fused glass, stone, mosaic, ceramic and concrete. Sculpture can include sculptural benches, mosaic play sculpture, columns and archways. Artwork can be completed in a few weeks, a few months or over a year's time.

Takata is an award-winning artist and teaches art at the Pacific NW College of Art in Portland, Oregon.

Your murals with youth are some of the best in the country.
— Timothy Drescher, PhD, mural scholar and coeditor of Community Murals Magazine

Salem Peace Mosaic, Salem, Oregon

"Windorm", ferro-concrete sculpture, Pratt Beach, Chicago, Illinois

"Windorm", ferro-concrete sculpture, Pratt Beach, Chicago, Illinois

Rainforest mural with children, Corvallis-Benton Library, Corvallis, Oregon

Mosaic and concrete play sculpture, Near North Montessori School, Chicago, Illinois